The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a TV series on Amazon about an everyday all-American housewife in the late 50s who does everything for her husband. But once her seemingly perfect life is turned upside down, she finds a new outlet to express herself – standup comedy.

Rachel Brosnahan gives an outstanding performance as Miriam Maisel – a confident, hilarious, and highly fashionable woman. She by far is the best part of the show. I really love her chemistry with Susie (Alex Borstein), another woman not afraid to speak her mind and who becomes Miriam’s manager. By far the least interesting character is Joel (Michael Zegen), Miriam’s husband, who is bland and makes poor decisions.

The costumes and set design for this show is pretty incredible and makes you feel like you are in the rich, vibrant part of the 50s. The show is also extremely well written, especially Miriam’s stand up acts – they are all smart and hilarious.

There are no real negatives I have with the show because it’s so charming. I just wish that Miriam would abandon her housewife ideals and become a comedian, but I understand that she was raised on the idea that she would be nothing but a housewife by her parents, who are still very much involved in her life.

I give The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel an A-

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