DarkestHour tells the story of how Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) became Prime Minister and how the weight of the world was very quickly put on his shoulders.

This film has many speeches and monologues which some (including me) can find a bit boring sometimes. But if you like history or just want to learn more about Churchill then this is a movie you should watch.

Gary Oldman is unrecognizable and completely loses himself in the role. His performance was remarkable and one definitely worthy of an Academy Award, I still haven’t seen all the Oscar films yet but he is definitely a front runner to win Best Actor.

As for issues I felt that Lily James’s character who plays Churchill’s typewriter for his speeches didn’t really have much to do. And that the film looses it tension because it heavily involves the battle of Dunkirk. So if you have seen the film Dunkirk like I have then you know what already happened.

Gary Oldman by far is the best part of this movie and is fantastic, but I feel like the movie itself is pretty mediocre. I give Darkest Hour a C+

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