Wow. Let’s just say that The Disaster Artist makes watching The Room completely worth it. This movie is really great and it still surprised me despite hearing nothing but good things about this movie.

The Disaster Artist is a comedy and spoof of sorts about the making of The Room. James Franco plays Tommy Wiseau, and his brother, Dave Franco, plays Tommy’s friend, Greg – who was Mark in The Room. It’s a film about following your dreams, about persevering even if everyone tells you no and is laughing at you. It’s actually inspirational, and at times heartbreaking – it shorter terms this movie is actually deeper than it looks but it manages to maintain great comedy all throughout the film.

This film also actually helped me appreciate The Room more – don’t get me wrong it’s still a terrible movie, but Tommy Wiseau gave everything he had for the movie. James Franco as Tommy is probably the best he has ever been – along with his brother Dave as Mark. You really feel for Tommy because he’s been laughed at for practically all his life, but he’s just SO bizarre that you can’t help laughing at him. And it’s quite amazing to see all the celebrity cameos in this movie. But this movie delivers on all the laughs, it may be one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, along with having a lot of heart.

I give The Disaster Artist an A.

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