The General is a black and white silent film starring the famous Buster Keaton. It revolves around a train engineer named Johnny who loves trains and a woman named Annabelle. It takes place during the Civil War and Annabelle wants Johnny to enlist, but he is denied. Later, while transporting soldiers and other civilians, Union soldiers hijack his train and Johnny goes after them. He later finds out that the Union soldiers also kidnapped Annabelle and does what he can to get her back.

This is a very hilarious film and I was surprised how a majority of the humor holds up in today’s time. You must suspend your disbelief at many times though because much of the humor comes from coincidences that would never actually happen. It’s also a big wonder to me how in the 20s you can make a film like this that requires action set pieces of this magnitude. But this film definitely captures how Buster Keaton was pretty much a comedic genius.

The only real negative I have with the film is that Johnny is with the South in the Civil War, which is kind of problematic since the South was fighting to keep slavery. But since this movie came out in the 20s, times were different back then, and it was probably more acceptable back then than now.

Overall this movie is a great watch if you just want to laugh. I give it a B.

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