Bringing Up Baby is a comedy starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant – old, classic Hollywood stars. The film revolves around zoologist, David Huxley (Grant), who is trying to get a 1 million dollar donation to his museum. He meets Susan Vance (Katharine Hepburn) who continually sabotages him in order to grow closer to him. With them together mayhem ensues in the form of a missing leopard named Baby and a dog hiding a rare dinosaur bone.

There are definitely still some funny parts of this movie that hold up today, the dialogue was really witty, but the movie isn’t as funny as I’m sure it was in the late 30s. Grant does a exceptional job playing this annoyed, but persistent zoologist who somehow always gets roped into Hepburn’s shenanigans. But Hepburn, who can always command the screen, comes off as manipulative and annoying because of her continuous sabotaging of Grant’s character. The leopard part of the film though is a delight and while keeping a pet leopard seems kind of preposterous in today’s time, it comes off as believable in the film and even made me want to have a leopard, but only if it was like Baby. All the animals in the film are great actually. And the comedy in this film is at its best when everyone is at the county jail and hilarity ensues when the leopard appears.

I give this film a B-

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