Hi guys, my name is Isabelle and I started a blog – woohoo! I want to go into film criticism and film reporting so I figured this was a good stepping stone into that. I’m a big fan of all the YouTube film critics like Collider, Schmoes, Scott Mantz, Chris Stuckman, John Campea, Jeremy Jahns, etc. But by far my biggest role model is the great film critic and reporter, Alicia Malone, she got me into more independent movies, and wrote a fantastic book called Backwards & In Heels, which I highly recommend! I have always debated on when to start this blog. I always been sort of scared to start one since I’m not sure if I’ll get an audience, not that I need a big audience in the first place, but I do want my opinions and reviews to get some sort of attention. I promise that there will be no spoilers in these reviews. And I hope that you all enjoy my blog!


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