Another movie that I saw recently was Battle of the Sexes, which I really enjoyed. It revolves around Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and Bobby Riggs ( Steve Carell). This movie is a true story of the famous Battle of Sexes tennis match that went down back in the 70s where Riggs bet King, who was the #1 woman tennis player at the time, that he could easily beat her at a game of tennis.

The movie heavily focuses on the fight for equality as King and other famous women tennis players are treated unfairly by the National Tennis Association and are being paid a salary way less than their male tennis player counterparts. King and these women separate from the association and form their own group in order to compete in tournaments. Riggs is a retired tennis player who still wants fame and he comes up with the idea that he can beat the #1 Woman’s Tennis Champion.

Steve Carell plays Bobby Riggs along the lines of his most famous role, Michael Scott from The Office. He is someone who means well (he wants to re-establish his name and get back into tennis), but is ultimately narcissistic and has no trouble putting down women. For me though, the heart of the movie revolved around Billie Jean King, her fight for women’s rights, and her inner battle with her sexuality. King is a feminist icon, and though she is married to her husband, Larry, she is also attracted to women, particularly a pretty hairdresser named Marilyn, who turns out to be her love interest in the film.

The film overall is very lighthearted, though the tennis matches, especially the one between King and Riggs are nail biting. Again this is a highly enjoyable movie, but not one you necessarily have to go see in the movie theater. However, I strongly recommend seeing this movie because it shows what women are capable of.

I give this movie a B+

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